10 methods to improve mobile apps to be efficient for users

The way applications or softwares perform has become crucial in determining if they meet their user’s expectations. This change in approach is due to rapid digitalization, where innovation makes a difference with powerful software. According to secondary research, a 25% increase in mobile traffic is expected by 2025. This ensures a steady rise in demand for mobile applications. Hence, it is pertinent to analyze how an application with desired performance provides cost efficiency and brand value. In turn this helps to nurture a brand perception that develops due to user experience.

To ensure a cutting edge with the competitors, the mobile app-development companies prioritize consumer experience to survive the competition. Since an app’s success is based on the user’s perspective, while designing a mobile app, an enterprise considers the following aspects; responsiveness, utility, accessibility, usability, performance, and design.

Let us now focus on the methods of enhancing mobile app efficiency for its users.

  1. User-friendly approach with a native touch

The first step to create an appeal among end-users is to make the application user-friendly with a native user interface (UI). This helps the user to avoid complications and understand the application better, to use it to the advantage of simplifying tasks.

  1. Simplicity with effectiveness

A mobile app with a simple design will have error-free functionality and will be faster to access due to the absence of unwanted features. According to market research, about 21% of users abandon a mobile app after one-time use due to poor experience. Keeping the design customer-centric will enable the app designer to focus on a minimalistic design approach. Hence, adding efficiency to the app can help a user achieve the purpose of using the app.

  1. Efficient onboarding experience

Especially when a mobile app is customized, a practical onboarding experience is essential. It attracts new users and retains existing ones if the app features complex workflow and functionalities, app tutorials, or hands-on training to boost user confidence and ensure long-term success of the app.

  1. Dependable design solution

Consistency in the UI design helps to earn customer trust making the navigation simple and realistic. This creates a positive user experience adding considerable value to the brand.

  1. Focus on the search feature

In most instances, the search feature is the determining factor in making an app successful. An advanced search option using barcode scanning or keyword search can make the search capability smooth and convenient, ensuring that your customer enjoys the experience.

  1. Minimal user data input

A mobile app should always have minimum user personal data input options. This is possible through integrating technologies such as; autocomplete, spell-check, and prediction text assistance.

  1. Animated transition

An in-app animated transition is effective and helps the user complete an action without guidance. Without overloading the app with animations, a few empowers the user and serves the purpose of a mobile application.

  1. Augment usability

Be it design, information layout, content, or other aspects of the mobile app, the emphasis should continually optimize usability. To improve further, remote user testing can be used post-implementation of the app to assure quality and dependency.

  1. Secured ecosystem

If the app is not secured, it can impact users’ trust and comfort, affecting overall brand loyalty. Hence, transparency in following policies and guidelines is essential to gain user trust and eventually making a brand trustworthy.

  1. Personalized experience

Personalizing user experience is a unique strategy to create a customer success story. It is possible to integrate user behavior with the interface basis the requirement and preference of the consumer.

Focus on the end-user!

It is often said, “Consumer accountability drives quality and efficiency”. We at Exarcplus believe in combining innovation with a customer-centric approach to create an engaging mobile app that can add considerable value to a business. Thus a  mobile app user experience can be optimized leveraging new opportunities.

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